Todd Snider : Peace Queer

todd_snider_peacequeer_cover_.jpgTodd Snider has had a knack for finding the truth inside of his character’s voices, who often run on the underappreciated, tougher side of the tracks. Snider finds more material to excavate from the Bush era on Peace Queer, a stunning document that ranks among his finest.

Kicking into the rough and ready rap of "Mission Accomplished," Snider pays homage to the catchy rhythms of George Michael’s "Faith" by showing a wide range, throwing out modern day Will Rogers-like lines that alternately sting and tickle the funny bone. "The Ballad of Cape Henry" finds Snider joining forces with fellow Nervous Wreck Will Kimbrough, while a calm reading of John Fogerty’s "Fortunate Son" reveals the depth of the meaning inside the socially conscious lyrics. A poetic shift to "is this thing working?" has Snider again rooting for the underdog as a bully learns the backend lesson that might does not necessarily mean right.

Produced by Doug Lancio, Eric McConnell and Snider, Peace Queer finds the artist in good company with contributions by Patty Griffin, Kevin Kinny, Donnie Herring, and David Jaques. A truly sublime instrumental lurks inside "Ponce of the Flaming Peace Queer," and crowns Todd Snider as an illuminating light shooting out of the darkness and from the hip on his insightful and well-crafted Peace Queer.             

Peace Queer is out now on Aimless.