Tobacco : Maniac Meat


Black Moth Super Rainbow is gaining momentum as one the more creative forces in modern music, its eccentric tastes emerging on albums recorded as a band and on the solo releases of its members.

Following Seven Fields of Aphelion’s moody Periphery, frontman Tobacco has delivered Maniac Meat, a smashing collection of pawnshop beats, Atari grooves, and electro-enhanced vocals. Tobacco uses over-the-top blips, pops, and squeals that are kitschy, and appearances by Beck, who raps his way through “Fresh Hex” and emerges subtly on“Grape Aerosmith,” add a touch of superstar power; however, Maniac Meat is clearly Tobacco’s party. And he doesn’t disappoint, grinding out squirmy beats (“Mexican Icecream”), crushing breaks (“Sweatmother”), and zig-zag synths (“New Juices from the Hot Tub Freaks”) that pull the brain in unexpected directions.

Over 16 tracks, many clocking in at less than three minutes, Maniac Meat can be schizophrenic. But even at his most maniacal – and true to the Black Moth Super Rainbow ethos –  Tobacco is full of fresh and funky surprises.

Maniac Meat is out now on Anticon.