Tim Reynolds in Memphis

Tim Reynolds

The Gibson Lounge

Memphis, Tennessee

March 30, 2007 

Renowned acoustic guitarist Tim Reynolds stormed into Memphis for a much-anticipated solo performance at the Gibson Lounge on  March 30th.

Tim often performs with Dave Matthews as “Dave and Tim” or as part of Dave's "Friends,” and has appeared as an accompanist on albums such as Soko’s In November Sunlight.  However, this evening at the Gibson Lounge, an annex of The Gibson Guitar Factory in historic downtown Memphis, it was all Tim. 

As early as 6:30 pm there were antsy attendees waiting to get in.  The word circulating was, “don’t expect a Dave show” and “he doesn’t really sing at his show”.

When the doors opened promptly at 7, the crowd was welcomed into an intimate setting: a large group of sofas in front of the stage and small tables scattered about.  As the venue filled, everyone settled in with optimism for what turned out to be a phenomenal evening.

Tim opened with a short violin-synthesized loop on his older Gibson six string, broke into a spectacular version of the Beatles' “Come Together,” and followed with an instrumental called “Betrayal.”  Upon stepping to the microphone for his first vocal number, members of the audience attempted to initiate some interaction. 

While tuning for his next song, Tim apologized that his old guitar needing constant upkeep, and was more than happy to chat with his audience.

Next came “The Truth,”  “Che,” “Chatterbox,” another electric feedback loop, and an incredibly forceful “Indoctrinate>loop>Indoctrinate.

The set list included a lightning-handed “Stream” which lead into a crowd pleasing “Kashmir.”  Tim closed the evening with mix of the Beatles' “I Want You” and James Brown’s “Cold Sweat."

For an hour and forty-five minutes, some listeners sat with stoic stares, amazed at his dexterity and speed, while others egged Reynolds on with uncontrollable outbursts of approval.  Although the crowd was utterly exhausted from being led about like a new puppy by a four year old, Tim’s energy was unbounded.