Tim Buckley – My Fleeting House

My Fleeting House is an intimate look into the all too short life and career of singer Tim Buckley, as told through many never before released live performances and a series of interviews with members of Buckley’s band and his longtime collaborator, Larry Beckett.

Buckley, who died in 1975 at the age of 28 of a drug overdose (just two years younger than his son, singer Jeff, was at the time of his death in 1997) is an often overlooked and forgotten talent who wrote some of the most deeply moving psychedelic folk-songs of the early 1970’s.  The interviews provide an in depth look into Buckley’s songwriting skills and give a brief glimpse of the man, but it is through the live performances and TV clips that one gains a true understanding of who Buckley was. 

Some of the TV clips from various talk shows of the time seem a bit out of context without the rest of the show to support what is happening – especially clips from talk shows where Buckley’s hair, not his music, seemed to be the focus.  However, the music is what he was about, so it is through the achingly beautiful live performances (highlighting his five-octave voice that he used as an instrument) that Buckley is best remembered.  There, he is captured in all his glory and youth, but they provide haunting memories that serve to remind us of his tragic loss.