Thrill Jockey to celebrate 20 years with concerts, reissues, comedy records, and more

Thrill Jockey will celebrate 20 years this fall with a series of special concerts, a comedy records of sorts, a very special poster series, short film series and ongoing LP re-issues.

The concerts will feature new signings Matmos and Dan Friel. Both will have releases on Thrill Jockey this fall, with details to be announced soon.

The Shows:

Sept 13 – Baltimore, MD at Ram’s Head Live – 7pm - LINK
Future Islands
Dan Friel
Special Guest Host: Ed Schrader


Sept 14 – Brooklyn, NY at Death by Audio – 8pm - LINK

White Hills

Guardian Alien
Man Forever

Dan Friel



Sept 15 – New York, NY – Webster Hall – 5:30pm - LINK

Future Islands
D. Charles Speer

Special Guests: The Black Twig Pickers


Nov 9 – Portland, OR at Mississippi Studios – 7pm - LINK

Trans Am
Eternal tapestry
Barn Owl
Golden Retreiver
Mike Scheidt
Jason Urick

**Additional Shows To Be Announced**


The Posters and the Videos:

Thrill Jockey wanted to celebrate the significance of the contributions of Poster Artists and Video Artists to our advocacy of our artists. To celebrate their contribution we have comissioned an exclusive set of limited-edition Silk Screened posters.   We also contacted several video artists/ filmmakers and commissioned them to create a two minute short.

These Posters will not be sold any place else. Participating printers are at this time Dexterity Press, Crosshair, Sonnenzimmer, Birdmachine and Ryan Duggan. The Artists were given no directives at all, just told to create any poster they would like.  It does not have to mention Thrill Jockey or our 20th birthday, although several do.  Thrill Jockey will not be keeping any of the proceeds generated by these posters – 100% goes back to the artists.


Dexterity Press -

Sonnenzimmer -

The films are two-minute beauties created with no mandates, and are our celebration of the creative way these filmmakers advocate and enhance the work of our artists. The first film is by Portland’s Ashby Lee Collinson and includes music by Jason Urick. Ashby is known for her video series Princess Dies and appearances on Portlandia.

The Comedy of it All:

(If you are in the business of music, no explanation is required.)

We have asked a few comedians to write two jokes: One really off, dirty or in some way outrageous, and one you could tell your grandma.

There are several comedians and comic writers who have accepted this 2 joke challenge. The writers range from our favorite Class Clown to Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen. We will be recording REACTIONS to the jokes for release on a limited-edition LP.