The Whigs : Mission Control

the_whigs_mission_control.jpgThe Whigs were just another Athens, Ga. indie band emerging from an ever-fertile music scene when, while still in college, they released the critically acclaimed debut, Give ‘Em All A Big Fat Lip. Now the trio has graduated – both academically and musically – with its ATO-released Mission Control, a collection brimming with  punch-drunk rock with a groundswell of punk panache.

The rhythm section of drummer Julian Dorio and bassist Tim Deaux propels The Whigs through the garage rumble of “Like a Vibration” and elevates Parker Gispert’s easy lead on the vibrant “Production City.” But despite the shifty qualities found early on the album, The Whigs find their voice on the anthemic “Right Hand on My Heart,” one that carries with strength and confidence through the end of Mission Control.

In a world overpopulated with new, on-the-verge indie acts, The Whigs have established themselves as an exception – a trio versed on unique melody and comfortable hooks, but fueled by the spirit of raucous rock. Mission Control is the perfect guide for igniting late night rager or landing a late afternoon hang-over.

Mission Control is out now on ATO Records.