The Weeks - Dear Bo Jackson

The Weeks : Dear Bo Jackson

The Weeks - Dear Bo Jackson

Imagine if the The Strokes and Alabama Shakes had a baby. That would give you an idea what The Weeks’ Dear Bo Jackson is like.

It is modern and hip with old-school, bluesy soul. Smart songwriting with quirky vocals mixed with sharp, anxious, no-holds-barred playing create an album that is so freakin’ hard to pigeonhole, it would be frustrating if it wasn’t done so gosh darned well!

One can only hope that the general populace finds and hears this record. Why? With all the crap that the world buys and downloads, quality music like this deserves to be appreciated and embraced. The Weeks are damned good at what they do, and this commitment and skill deserves to be rewarded.

P.S., The track “Brother In The Night” is easily one of the best songs of 2013, hands down.

Dear Bo Jackson is out now on Serpents and Snakes Records.