The Wandering : Go On Now, You Can’t Stay Here

While a lot of North Mississippi Allstars fans are going to flock towards Go On Now, You Can’t Stay Here – the debut album from the Luther Dickinson-led The Wandering – those looking for searing slide guitar and that mesmerizing Hill Country Blues sound, they’re in for a shock.

With the The Wandering, Dickinson has gathered four mid-South female musicians (Amy Lavere – bass; Valerie June – banjo; Shannon McNally – guitar/vocals; Sharde Thomas – drums/fife) and extracted elements from each members’ backgrounds, blended seamlessly into a refined product

There are elements of all traditional folk music here, from the country-eque “Old Joe Clark” and “The Outlaw” to the bluesy “Love, Life and Money.” “Glory, Glory” kicks off with Thomas’s fife, and her whip-sharp notes would make her granddad Othar Turner proud.

Vocally, the group is a powerhouse – their individual tones blend beautifully when harmonizing, yet each can carry the tune alone. That’s where the album truly shines – the vocals.

There will be a lot of familiar tunes here for the Luther Dickinson fans, but hopefully they look past that and see  Go On Now, You Can’t Stay Here for its true success. This album puts some of the most unheralded and beautiful female voices of contemporary music on display.

Go On Now, You Can’t Stay Here is out now on Songs of the South Records