The Wall in the Queen City: Photos, Videos and a Look Back

Roger Waters: The Wall
Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, NC
July 10, 2012



At some point in Roger Waters’ life, someone must popped off the “don’t let a good thing die” quote to him because that is definitely what he has adhered to in regards to Pink Floyd’s The Wall live show. 

Originally scheduled to run through 2010 and barely into near mid-2011, it is a show that leaves no setlist guesswork to be had and one that’s songs never deviate from the way they were played the night before. For that matter, the songs are played damned near identically to the way they were debuted by the premier progressive gods in 1979. But none of that matters. And now as we head into the 4th quarter of 2012, the tour is still alive and well.

Never minding the fact that the loosely autobiographical album is an epic, the massive production that has carried its tales to massive audiences since 2010 causes the evenings spent with Waters and company to transcend the word “concert” and run headlong an all new meaning of the word, “event.”

Each night, the production wins new admirers of the provocative set that demands attention, touches on nearly every human emotion and evolves slightly to remain relevant to recent international social change.

On this night, it did so in the Queen City of Charlotte and Honest Tune‘s Brad Kuntz was on the scene. For the third time since its inception (see the bottom of the page for previous coverage), we are proud to present beautiful images from the tour that seemingly, and hopefully, will never end.


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by Brad Kuntz

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Video from Charlotte, 7/10/12 (Brad Kuntz)


“Vera,” “Bring the Boys Back Home” & “Comfortably Numb” [HD]


“Don’t Leave Me Now,” “Another Brick in the Wall Part 3” & “Goodbye Cruel World” [HD]


“Run Like Hell,” “Waiting for the Worms,” “Stop” and “The Trial” [HD]




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