The Twilight Sad : Forget the Night Ahead

the_twilight_sad.jpgDon’t be fooled, Twilight lovers: rock quartet The Twilight Sad might boast a familiar name, but similarities are scarce. On Forget the Night Ahead, midnight mischief and daylight dreams become backdrops to a greater scene. Kings of Leon, U2, Muse, and the like, watch out! Twilight Sad might give you a run for your melodies—with a Scottish twist.

"Reflection of the Television" opens the disc darkly and dissonantly enough, mashing guitars and James Graham’s drawling vocals perfecting the band’s horror-movie-soundtrack pitch. The instrumental "Scissors" and white-noisy "That Birthday Present" continue this trend, their lyrics only amplifying the effect:  "Have another skin full/Put it in your eye/And if it’s lying on the table/Don’t be so shy."

 Of course, we can heed the warnings and don our masks of surprise—but the real suspense lies elsewhere. Despite its scandalous intentions, "I Became a Prostitute" bubbles with soaring guitars and driving drums. "Made to Disappear" and "The Neighbours Can’t Breathe" provide similar, arena-ready material, while "The Room" and "At the Burnside" strip away the remaining superficial, sonic layers.

And so the scene ends. The Twilight Sad can’t forget its penchants for the static and the ghastly—and it shouldn’t have to. But it can’t hurt to unearth new elements along the way. 

Forget the Night Ahead is out now on FatCat Records.