The Trongone Band: Southern Rock Soul

By: Tim Newby


Band: The Trongone Band (Official Webpage)

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

Members:  Andrew Trongone (guitar/vocals) Johnny Trongone (drums/ vocals), Ben “Wolfe” White (keys/ vocals),                               Todd Herrington (bass/ vocals)

Sounds Like:  A boogie-woogie shot of whiskey delivered with a deep taste of southern-rock soul.

For Fans Of:  Little Feat, Black Crowes, Drive By Truckers

Bio:  The Trongone Band (pronounced Tron-Go-Knee), started when two classic-rock loving brothers Andrew and Johnny Trongone formed a band while still kids with their Dad on bass.  The trio was  soon playing in the local bars of their hometown of Richmond, Virginia.  As the band developed and grew over the years, they began to tour up and down the East Coast and added a couple of Richmond’s most highly sought after musicians to their ranks.  First keyboardist Ben White joined in 2013, they then brought on bassist Todd Herrington formerly of the DJ Williams Projekt.  It was at that point that Andrew says, “we decided that we wanted to be a four piece, original rock and roll band and nothing was going to stop us.”  In short order, the band firmly established themselves as a vital-part of the next generation of southern rock bands, finding their own unique place in that long-lineage of great bands.

The Trongone Band make music that is at once reminiscent of that great classic southern-blues-boogie sound they grew up with as it is forward-thinking and blazing new musical trails for others to follow.  Their music is quite simply Southern-Rock Soul.

They will release their debut album, Keys to the House, June 30, 2017.

Albums:  Keys to the House (2017)

What They Do Live:
The Trongone Band – Anne Marie – Live at the Broadberry from GFACTOR FILMS on Vimeo.