The Trolleyvox : Your Secret Safe/Luzerne

trolleyvox_secret_luzerne.jpgYour Secret Safe/ Luzerne, the sprawling double album from Philadelphia’s the TrolleyVox, isn’t quite what most would expect from a 20-track offering. In fact, “double album” is literal, as the two discs function as separate entities, Your Secret Safe a band venture and Luzerne a duo offering of guitarist Andrew Chalfen and singer Beth Filla. Together, though, the albums fill listeners with the zeal of the band’s plugged in, polished indie pop, and wash over them with the stripped down beauty that is at the core of The Trolleyvox’s sound, courtesy of Filla’s easy, breezy tone and energized hooks via Chalfen.  Track after track, veiled observations emerge from beating hearts and clever instrumentation.

And here’s where many reviews of such expansive works often turn to words such as “uneven” or “unfocused,” but not so with the lollipop sounds that emerge from Your Secret Safe and Luzerne. These elusive, candy-coated compositions are sticky sweet and addictive throughout, just like indie pop should be served.

Your Secret Safe and Luzerne are out now on Transit of Venus.