The Soundtrack of Our Lives : Communion

tsool_communion.jpegIt has been four years since the music world received the last gift from Swedish rockers The Soundtrack of Our Lives, but the arrival of the new, double-disc Communion proves it was worth the wait.

Communion starts off with “Babel On,” instantly removing the listener from the worldly state, before dropping them down into an expansive space of psychedelic pop. Despite mystical qualities, it is encompassed by frontman Ebbot Lundberg’s emotions on the state of our world. As he puts it, “The music feels like a total reflection of what is happening with the planet. But it’s not a boring attempt to make another apocalyptic album.  It’s more about hope, about letting your ego disappear for a while, and about the eternal quest for what reality really is. The rest is a psychic odyssey on a metaphysical smorgasbord.”

The album feels like a head-trip through a psychic odyssey that could not be better stated. Massive numbers like “The Ego Delusion” and “RA 88” are flawlessly segued by brief tracks like the 54-second, sweeping “Pineal Gland Hotel,” continuing the album’s feeling of massive odyssey.

The album’s only cover is Nike Drake’s “Fly,” and it is utterly perfect. Sweeping string arrangements and an underlying heartbeat of continuous toms pay perfect homage to the legendary, reclusive mastermind.  

At first take this, is an album filled with great musical value. Yet, after numerous listens, the surface has only been scratched, the two-discs a knot that will take time to completely unwind. For those with patience for such albums, this is certainly a masterpiece. For those looking for instant satisfaction, be wary of being sucked into this Communion.

Communion is out now on Yep Roc Records.