The Soul of John Black: the Good Girl Blues

When a member of a band takes off to pursue a solo career or a new project, the results are hit or miss.  John "JB" Bingham left the alt/ska/punk outfit Fishbone in 1997, going out on his own to start the Soul of John Black.  

It’s been ten years since then, the man who once wrote songs for Miles Davis has got a new album, The Good Girl Blues.

Blues this album is, and it covers nearly all styles.  From the opening track, “The Hole,” which reminisces old-school down-home blues, to the downright rocking slide on "Good Girl," Bingham shows his versatility within the genre.

There is little wasted space on the disc; however, “Moanin’” seems a bit unnecessary.  Planted firmly in the middle of the disc, it really doesn’t add anything to the album.  The track is exactly as its title states – Bingham moans over a little guitar for a few minutes.


"Slipin' and Slidin'" is one of the stand-outs, though, so it quickly makes you forget about the previous track.  There’s a great groove from the start, and some really solid acoustic slide.  The turntable scratches and rain stick add subtle textures to the song in a truly tasteful manner.

"Feelin'" gives off a reggae vibe with its solid beat, and then gives way to "Deez Blues," an old-timey, stripped down blues song.

Overall, any blues lover, whether traditional or modern style suits your taste, should check this out, because it's all here.  Bingham may have left success with Fishbone, but shows that he’s still got plenty of creativity to burn.