The Sea and Cake : The Moonlight Butterfly


On The Sea and Cake’s ninth studio album, The Moonlight Butterfly, the band continues an impressive 20-year career. As Jamie Lee poignantly stated in his review of 2008’s Car Alarm, the band “continues to churn out intricate, flowing rock that boasts only slight sonic departures from one release to the next.” Things are no different on the The Moonlight Butterfly

Delicate, subtle rhythms from bassist Eric Claridge, drummer John McEntire, and guitarist Archer Prewitt, and the soft spoken yet melodic vocals of Sam Prekop drift off the album like a, well, a butterfly. Each song has its own unique character,drifting from the moving guitar riffs on “Covers,” to the light synthesizers on the title track, the album continues to build on an already elaborate catalogue of this impressive band.

The Moonlight Butterfly is out now on Thrill Jockey.