The Sea and Cake : Car Alarm

the_sea_and_cake_car_alarm.jpgAlbum after album, The Sea and Cake continues to churn out intricate, flowing rock that boasts only slight sonic departures from one release to the next. Nevertheless, what the band lacks in risk they make up for in consistency.

Car Alarm, The Sea and Cake’s  eighth and most recent release, continues this trend, teased on by the lock-step percussion, convertible-Cadillac grooves, and Sam Prekop’s breezy, near-falsetto. And as expected, it’s all there on Car Alarm, as stylish and sleek as ever. Skittering synths enliven the shimmying “Weekend,” distant steel drums breathe exotic winds across “Mirrors,” and burrowing guitar pushes distorted simplicity through the title track. And all push forward with a air-tight delivery, formed of astute playing and studio wizardry.

Since its airy, propulsive sound began to truly coalesce on 1997’s The Fawn, The Sea and Cake has continued on a path that defies the larger trends of the music industry at large. While there are few surprises, The Sea and Cake’s Car Alarm is just another piece of a larger oeuvre, one that continues to sparkle brightly with each release.

Car Alarm is out now on Thrill Jockey.