The Radiators, 10/20/10


The Radiators
Lafayette Square
New Orleans, LA
October 20, 2010

As she is known for, New Orleans and her musicians are taking care of their own. This time they are doing so with an eight weekend affair in Harvest The Music. In support of Second Harvest Food Bank, United Way, Catholic Charities, and Feeding America, the fine folks in The Big Easy have devised a plan to make people show up and eat: have phenomenal New Orleans based bands show up, make it free for the public, and take profits graciously given by food vendors and donate them to organizations that provide food to those who are unable to provide it for themselves. As is par for New Orleanians, they are showing up in droves to both groove on the tunes provided by their hometown purveyors, but moreover to support their brother and sister neighbors who may be experiencing a rough patch in their lives.

One of New Orleans’ sons, Jeffery Dupuis, was on the scene to capture The Radiators set on 10/20/10 through his lens in a way that we have all come to know and love.

Click the thumbnail to view Jeffrey Dupuis’ Shots from the show!