The Raconteurs : Live at Montreaux 2008

On record, Jack White takes a backseat to Brendan Benson in The Raconteurs. Live, it is another story.

In 2008, the quartet took the stage at the Montreaux Jazz Festival  in support of its sophomore album, Consolers of the Lonely, and created a ruckus with concise playing, tight harmonies, and plenty of attitude, to boot. The 16 song performance was captured on film, and is now available for all to see on Live at Montreux 2008

The film footage boasts an immediacy that is refreshing, and the performance itself bristles with energy, bolstered by White’s enigmatic stage presence. Pulling from the band’s two albums – Broken Boy Soldiers and the aforementioned Consolers of the Lonely – the band is crisp, expressing the rocking balance the more reserved, verbose delivery of Benson, and White’s rock star visage. Standouts include the electric “Consoler of the Lonely” opener, the hook-positive “Old Enough,” and the bopping “Steady as She Goes.”

Live at Montreaux 2008 basks in the songwriting finesse of Brendan Benson, but catches fire with the showmanship of Jack White. This is a supergroup for the ages, and onstage, the power is undeniable.

Live at Montreaux 2008 is out now on Eagle Rock.