The Persuasions : Knockin’ on Bob’s Door


In 2000, nearly four decades into their career, The Persuasions released the hugely successful Might as Well: Tribute to the Grateful Dead. While it was not planned at the time, this began the group’s tradition of honoring their favorite rock bands – including The Beatles, U2, JJ Cale, and even Frank Zappa – with gospel-driven, a capella renditions of their classic hits.

With Knockin’ on Bob’s Door, The Persuasions bring their five-part harmonies to one of the greatest catalogues in all of music. Given the depths of Bob Dylan’s material, the band decided to concentrate on his most famous songs from the 1960s, including “Like A Rolling Stone,” “Blowing in the Wind,” “Just Like A Woman,” and “Lay Lady Lay.”

From the opening track, “Mr. Tambourine Man,” The Persuasions’ crisp, tight harmonies quickly draw attention. “All Along the Watchtower” journeys to a place previously unvisited, with percussive vocals that call to mind everything from New York City traffic to the noises of the African jungle. Equally impressive is the unique interpretation of “Quinn the Eskimo (The Might Quinn),” with The Persuasions mimicking the sounds of an amateur brass band trumpeting Quinn’s arrival.

If you are a Dylan fan, or a fan of great vocal harmonies, consider Knockin’ on Bob’s Door an absolute must-hear.

Knockin’ on Bob’s Door is out now on Zoho Roots.