The Outformation Chronicles: Asheville


Stella Blue

Asheville, NC

December 15, 2006



Warren Haynes’s Christmas Jam is a spectacular event for the city of Asheville.  Aside from the good Warren’s event does for Habit to for Humanity and the insanely good music that goes down, Asheville as a city prospers.  All of the eateries are filled and hotels booked, and the streets boom with people shopping and checking out the local wares.


Also, any band lucky enough to book gigs in town equally reaps the rewards of the massive crowd of dedicated music lovers. 


On Friday night, after playing at WNCW 88.7 FM’s Pre Jam, Outformation was in the perfect place up the road at Stella Blue’s for a rock and roll nightcap.  For many the $100 ticket to the Pre Jam was too expensive.  Regardless, the Outformation show would in fact turn into the Pre Jam.


It was a great show.  American Idol winner and jam band fan Taylor Hicks stopped by to play on “Sweet Louisiana.”  The first set was comprised of a healthy dose of original material and some choice covers.  Crowd favorite “Dark Severinson” popped up about midway into the first set.  Not straying too far from their roots, Outformation closed the first set with a cover of Widespread Panic’s “A of D” and a great rendition of Mike Houser's “Can’t Change the Past.”


The second set started off with a monstrous jam that built into “Edgewater” and segued from there into guitarist Sam Holt’s “Toy’s Lament.”  Outformation continued to play on in to the night, but the thought of my quiet cabin and the relaxing stream running along the front porch began to tug at me. 


After “Center Stage” I made a run for my porch and my true nightcap.  


I slept well that night, knowing it wouldn’t be long until I saw a little more music.