The Old Ceremony : Walk on Thin Air

the_old_ceremony.jpgThe Old Ceremony’s latest release, Walk On Thin Air, is a contemplative album about the things in our every day world that haunt and move us. A slightly jaded and melancholy voyage into memories, emotions, and melodic tones, the music on this album lingers in your psyche.

 “Plate Tectonics” reminds us that sometimes there are things in this world beyond our control. “Stubborn Man” gives a nod to the creativity behind The Old Ceremony and draws parallels to the love songs of Elton John. “Ready to Go” sounds like a fantastical circus masked by the story of a car crash. The music creates a surreal space and showcases singer/songwriter Djanko Haskins’ storytelling capabilities. 

Walk On Thin Air is a well-orchestrated album. Haskins’ vocals and lyrics are honest. Although there is hint of sadness, we are left feeling a sense of peace, like the purging of emotions after a good cry.

 Walk on Thin Air is out now on Alyosha Records.