The New Riders of the Purple Sage : Where I Come From

nrps_where_i_come_from.jpgTaking a cue from the newly reorganized Dead, New Riders of the Purple Sage return to shake things up a bit on their album, Where I Come From.

David Nelson and Buddy Cage team up with Ronnie Penque and Johnny Markowski to gently sail the calm waters of the title track. "Me and the dog might share a bone," Cage intones masterfully as Nelson and Michael Falzarano combine their dueling guitar solos to a crescendo, while the rest of NRPS keep the movements steady and relaxed.

"Barracuda Moon" pops out as another winning entry from the organization that colored pop culture with "Panama Red." It’s humming chorus belies a simmering underbelly of intensity that Nelson and Cage steer with unhurried self assurance. "Higher" is "Dirty Business" with a pumping pulse, and Falzarano gets the most out of the NRPS players, turning up the volume and mixing in blended harmonies for full effect.

With much of the material written by Robert Hunter and produced by Falzarano, Where I Come From ushers in a new age of New Riders of the Purple Sage, and listeners will gladly take the journey with them over the next horizon.  

Where I Come From is out now on Woodstock Records.