The Mystix : Blue Morning

The Mystix fall back on a long list of previous experience in their musical construction.  The band of Boston/New York musicians have hand their hands in the cookie jar of rock and roll, jazz, r&b, blues and country, and all of these influences shine thru on Blue Morning.mystix_blue_morning.jpg

Lead singer and guitarist Jo Lily starts things out with some first-rate slide and edgy vocals on “Yolanda.” Lily sounds very similar to a Modern Times Bob Dylan as he growls out with his bluesy delivery. And Kenny White’s Hammond sneaks in and out, drenching the swampy number with that special soulful sound. 

The Msytix keep the joint jumping the whole time, but really get neck-deep with “I’m a Love You.”  Bobby Keyes time spent recording as part of the Muscle Shoals dynasty Fame Studios certainly shows in this romp. Keyes’ warm guitar tone and stellar solos, paired with Lily’s scratchy vocals, certainly paints the picture of a Mississippi juke-joint on any given Saturday night.

“Change in Jane” offers a new tempo to the album.  Keyes still takes a few flawless guitar solos, and friend Steve Burke joins in on piano for the down tempo number. Then, with a moments notice, they rev it back up with the aptly named “New Orleans.” Since they are singing about The Radiators’ hometown, it is not shocking that their bluesy sound takes on similarities to the Crescent City ambassadors.

These seasoned musicians have created a great album full of iconic influence.  Yet Blue Morning sounds completely original and refreshing.  Americana, roots, blues fans take notice of this sleeper. 

Blue Morning is out now on Mystix Eyes Records.