The Mother Truckers : Let’s All Go To Bed

mother_truckers_go_to_bed.jpgThe Mother Truckers are tailor-made for the barroom, beer-bottles and cowboy hats the audio and visual accompaniment to their rocking country.

Led by Josh Zee (vocals, guitar) and Teal Collins (vocals, guitar), the Austin, Texas-born quartet’s Let’s All Go To Bed is the kind of crossover album that will make old schoolers remember the fire of their youth and convince the young ‘uns that country music is more than tears and cliches.

“Dynamite” blasts the album open, sending shards of rockabilly and dual harmonies flying, setting the temperature for the album’s 13 tracks. Collins’ power as a vocalist heats the whiskey on “Miss My Baby” and cools the prairie on “When I Get My Wings.” Despite Collins’ dominance, Zee’s presence is hotter than Sixth Street in August with animated accompaniment and as a frontman on the honky-tonk shuffle of “I Give You My Word.”

It has taken a shot of rock to restore country music’s glory, an element that is elusive to many contemporary country stars. But The Mother Truckers are hell-bent on reviving those outlaw days, making Let’s All Go To Bed just one more reason Austin should be proud.

Let’s All Go To Bed is out now on Funzalo Records.