The Mantras : Dharland


The Mantras is a progressive band hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina, that is committed to going as far as it can with its music.

Dharland, the group’s third album, shows the band in full form. The recording itself is a higher quality than previous releases (2006’s “The Mantras” and 2007’s “How Many”), and we hear the band singing its message of love and cosmic harmony over a blistering fury of guitar solos, tight bass runs, and solid rhythms powered by Keith Allen and Marcus Horth on vocals and guitars, Brian Tyndall on bass and vocals, Justin Loew on drums, and Brent Vaughn on percussion and vocals.

Allen and Horth both play lead and back each other ably, trading licks at just under the speed of light. Tyndall, on the six string bass, plays the rhythm, as well as counterpoint to the melody, in a very funky style. Loew and Vaughn not only keep the beat but add fills and keep up with the flaming guitars fronting the band.

Dharland displays a band truly pushing the limits, making this album worth a listen or two.

Dharland is out now and is self-released.