The Magpie Salute and Blackberry Smoke at the Filmore

The Magpie Salute and Blackberry Smoke
The Filmore – Silver Springs, Maryland
Photographer/Writer: Brandon Amos

With the release of the new album just 2 weeks away, “The Magpie Salute” took the stage with the presence of a band ready to raise the spirits of the blues men before them. Rich Robinson and Marc Ford are seamless in their volleys back and forth. Vocalist John Hogg’s voice is powerful and comforting at the same time. The set was heavy with new songs. A high point was the rendition of Blind Faiths, “Had to Cry”.

A Sunday night crowd feeling more like a Saturday night was anxiously waiting for Blackberry Smoke. Fresh off their performance the night before at The Peach Music Festival, they did not disappoint!

From the beginning chord of “Waiting for the Thunder”, they were primed and ready to leave it on the stage. Always a highlight was, “Sleeping Dogs”. The encore consisted of a cover of Little Feat’s, “Fat Man in the Bathtub”, bringing out The Magpie Salute to Jam. What a night!