The Loose Acoustic Trio : Sorrow Be Gone

loose_acoustic_trio_sorrow.jpgSacramento, CA’s roots-oriented The Loose Acoustic Trio dips into many differing musical genres on their captivating sophomore release, Sorrow Be Gone.

The Trio consists of Ken Cooper (guitjo,  mandolin, bedpandolin, and resonator guitar 12), Richie Lawrence (accordion), and Steve O’Neill  (bass and trumpet). Sorrow Be Gone begins like a Zydeco recording gone haywire with the breakfast list rendering of "Rise and Shine" and the split, odd-timed tribute to The Who on their "Pinball Wizard." But that’s a far cry from where The Loose Acoustic Trio’s party begins to brew. "You Are The One" stirs in a fine mix of folk and ragtime via Cooper’s pristine plucking and Lawrence’s all encompassing accordion runs along with each member’s three part harmonies.

An old-timey, jugband instrumental, "Leaving You," exposes differing shifts in time patterns and turns into a heartfelt, emotionally rendering track. The authentic Cajun treatment of "New Seeds" reveals a playful dissection of cross references, featuring O’Neill’s understated bass lines. Guest vocalist Rita Hosking steals the show on the highlight of Sorrow Be Gone, the beguiling duet "Me and You."

Recorded and engineered by Dana Gumbiner and O’Neill, Sorrow Be Gone shimmers like two pitchers of iced tea and lemonade on a sunny afternoon.

Sorrow Be Gone is out now on Big Book Records.