The London Souls (with Nigel Hall & Alecia Chakour), 2/23/12

The London Souls (with Nigel Hall & Alecia Chakour)
Brooklyn Bowl
New York City, NY
February 23, 2012



Occasionally, one cannot help but get a little bit jealous of his jam sisters and brothers who live in the Empire City. Forgetting the minute details such as Central Park, Broadway plays and the like, there is the Brooklyn Bowl, where on any given night a plethora of the scene’s finest will be found. On top of it all, in a city that is filled with players and even more folks stopping in for whatever reason — from recording to signing a contract or hoping to — each night is a crap shoot as to what will actually go on at the now famed destination venue.

Take this night for example. The night was billed with headliners, The London Souls, with openers Nigel Hall and Alecia Chakour. Most expected that Hall and Chakour would show up; Hall would play the piano, sing with his soulful tone while Chakour wowed the crowd with her unbelievable vocal range to accompany her male counterparts underpinnings.

What the crowd got was Nigel, Alecia, Adam Smirnoff (Lettuce), Adam Deitch (Lettuce, Break Science) and Ron Johnson (Warren Haynes Band).

Of course, they also got the “main  event” in the form of the very definition of undefinable but best defined as funk meets garage band, The London Souls.


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(Photography by Vernon Webb on Facebook)