The Legendary Shack Shakers announce Agridustrial

The Legendary Shack Shakers will release Agridustrial on April 13th on their own Colonel Knowledge label with distribution and marketing provided by Thirty Tigers/RED. Agridustrial was produced by LSS bassist Mark Robertson and is the band’s seventh full-length album.

Agridustrial is also a new style of music according to J.D. Wilkes, the band’s energetic front man. Wilkes says, “it’s the hard driving roots rock of the Shack Shakers’ sound with the industrial background of guitarist Duane Denison (Jesus Lizard, Tomahawk).”

The Agridustrial sound mirrors the harsh realities of our present day recession and is the statement of an American band fighting back against a society gone mad with greed and the usurpation of basic human dignities. There are songs that praise Jesus, “Sin Eater”, and southern-fried provocateurs, “Dixie Iron Fist”. “Hoboes Are My Heroes” is borne from Wilkes’ recent experience of riding the rails. Even the sound of Agrisdustrial is a direct response to the present day recession in foreshadowing the looming collapse that awaits to return us back to self-sufficiency. The band even went to a blacksmith forge and recorded the sounds of hammers, anvils, tongs, cranks and chains for much of the percussion on the album.

The Legendary Shack Shakers are J.D. Wilkes (vocals), Duane Denison (guitar), Mark Robertson (bass) and Brett Whitacre on drums.

The band will kick off promotion of the new album at SXSW and a full tour will be announced soon