The Joe Moss Band : Marciela’s Smile

joe_moss_monicas_smile.jpgMarcicela’s Smile is an excellent new release from the Joe Moss Band. Steeped in the tradition of Chicago blues, Moss is a veteran that has played blazing Les Paul leads throughout a successful career as a highly sought after sideman. Marcicela’s Smile, Moss’ third solo release, is his most ambitious project to date, expanding upon his blues roots and offering funk, jazz, soul, and R&B.

 “Ain’t Got No Money,” stretching out over 17 minutes long, gives listeners a dose of the live Moss experience. The band brings a jazz-improv style to performance on stage, allowing each member plenty of time to shine  Drummer Richard King lays down an especially impressive solo, then goes back to holding down the steady groove over which Moss showcases his finest chops.

The 12 remaining tracks on Marcicela’s Smile were recorded in the studio. Two covers are included – “Big Legged Woman” and “Fire and Water.”  Yet Moss seems most inspired when performing his own material, highlighted by “Am I Feeling You” and “She Put a Stick in My Spokes,”  leaving the listener with plenty to Smile about.

Marciela’s Smile is out now on 212 Records.