The Infamous Stringdusters, 5/12/12

The Infamous Stringdusters
nTelos Pavilion
Charlottesville, VA
May 12, 2012



The success of The Infamous Stringdusters over the past two years has been staggering. Through clutch decision making, hard work and an ardent fan base that has seen exponential growth, the band is now a highly tiered string music collective.

With a new album (Silver Sky)  and the recent lineup announcement for the band’s Festy Experience, it doesn’t seem that things will be changing anytime soon.

On this night and with home field advantage, The Stringdusters tore through Charlottesville as part of the Blue Ridge Mountain Sports 40th Anniversary party. Ripping through originals like “The Place That I Call Home” and covers like Phish’s “Free” alike, the packed show (that was also shown live on Honest Tune partner site, GrooveStreet.TV) was demonstrative of the fact that what the catalyst for success for The Stringdusters has really been… the music that they make.


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