The Iguanas : If You Should Ever Fall on Hard Times

_hardtimes-sm.gifNew Orleans’ The Iguanas have survived the storm to conceive the fierce If You Should Ever Fall On Hard Times. Starting with the title track, songwriter-guitarist and accordionist Rod Hodges sets the tone, bridging the gap between pre-Katrina New Orleans with the continuing cleanup and reconstruction of a battered, but not broken, heart of the country’s leading cultural soul of a city.

"Malas Vibras" glues together the town’s pan continental vibe, mixing Afro-Cuban rhythms and the straight ahead rock and jazz drumming patterns of Iguanas’ stickman Doug Garrison. The Iguanas’ history in New Orleans is extensive, and their support base solid, since the departure from ‘Nawlins after Katrina and subsequent reunion in Texas. That shared spirit of resurrection and dedication graces Hard Times’ moving number, "Back in the Limelight."

Recorded by The Iguanas and producer Justin Niebank at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, If You Should Ever Fall On Hard Times retains the party-friendly, zydeco driven rhythm and blues leanings of the group’s musical tapestry while expanding on the rich vibrancy inherent on the 2003 release, Plastic Silver 9-Volt Heart.

The Iguanas have returned with a stronger, more defined purpose, and aficionados taken with their roots oriented amalgam of folk- jazz- country swing and R&B are the better for it.      

If You Should Ever Fall On Hard Timesis out now on Yep Roc.