The Hue : Beyond Words

the_hue.jpgBeyond Words is an apt title for Chicago’s The Hue and their new release of the same name. A gripping run through improvised sheets of heavy metal with liquefied and bluesy jazz, Beyond Words takes on all forms of music to leave the listener speechless.

Starting out in the proverbial street rhythms of darkness, "Blackout" takes several melodic turns before reaching epic peaks in it’s sixth minute. "Igneous Pillow" is an understated turn of reflective percussion from Brian Gilmanov and brutal bass underpinnings by Kyle Meyers. "From Anger" puts the harmonic guitar playing of Jared Rubin and Marcus Rezak front and center with a berserk firestorm of leads. Like Umphrey’s McGee on steroids, "Quiet Defiance" is a highlight from a disc chock full of marvels. 

This reviewer has heard the future, and it is full of the wonder and majesty deeply embedded inside of The Hue. Produced by Rick Barnes, Asim Ali and The Hue, Beyond Words features keyboardist Eric Levy of Garaj Mahal fame on the exploratory piece "Waking Visions."

A cruncher of an album, Beyond Words leaves followers giddy and bewildered.  

Beyond Words is out now on Hue Music Records.