The Homemade Jamz Blues Band : Pay Me No Mind

homemade_jamz_blues_band.jpgHailing from Tupelo, Mississippi, hometown of none other than Elvis Presley, The Homemade Jamz Blues Band is a trio of siblings with a combined age of just 38.  Ryan Perry (16) leads the band, playing a homemade guitar made from a Ford muffler, while younger brother Kyle (13) plays bass and little sister Taya (9) plays drums, with sticks that are twice the size of her head. On Pay Me No Mind, their debut CD, the band is also joined on a handful of tracks by their father Renaud on harmonica as well as producer Miles Wilkinson on rhythm guitar.

Pay Me No Mind features 11 tracks, including 10 originals written by Renaud and a rejuvenated version of the John Lee Hooker classic “Boom, Boom.”  The collection is an insightful, intriguing look at just how raw the blues can become, even when performed with a youthful perspective of a trio who hardly seem old enough to know the blues. 

The Homemade Jamz Blues Band blend the best of gritty Chicago blues with the dirty soul of a Mississippi juke joint, exuding utter confidence as they sing their songs of love, betrayal, and hard times, sounding as if they’ve lived their young lives filled with strife.  Their stature may be small and their years young, but the trio consistently delivers a virtual blues explosion and stands poised to make an enormous splash throughout the world with their thick, rich sound.

Recorded over three short days in January 2008, Pay Me No Mind is a jaw-dropping debut from a trio of youngsters with seemingly unlimited talent, and a God-given energy to help take the blues to entirely new audience for many years to come.

Pay Me No Mind is out now on Northern Blues.