The Heavy Pets party at The Pour House


The Heavy Pets
The Pourhouse
Charleston, SC
October 16, 2010

Ft. Lauderdale is the place that The Heavy Pets call home, but they have been hitting the southern road with recent stops in Athens, Savannah, and Atlanta before riding a certain Vermont band’s coattails into Charleston, SC, and making a stop at The Pour House.  Dubbed as the "Official Phish After Party" for Saturday night, The Pets took the stage with their now 6 year old brand of what could perhaps be referred to as reggae and blues infused funk-folk. 

Even though The Heavy Pets’ show started nearly a full hour before Phish even left the stage, "after party" it was, with local and tour heads getting one last fix of tunes before the 2 AM curfew beckoned them away and back to their individual realities.

Guitarists and vocalists, Mike Garulli and Jeff Lloyd, seemed to embrace the set as two succinctly running  gazelles would. Occasionally, each would take his own pace by dipping off in separate directions. Redirection to course came from sick cues by both Jim Wuest on keys and by way of the super funky bass lines by Justin Carney all while beats in the back were maintained by drummer, Jamie Newitt.


The crowd raged to favorites such as "So Thank You Music," a lick from their ’07 double disc debut album Whale which traveled through a complex but trippy hallway of fluid beats and vamp riffs. "No More Time" demonstrated that this outfit is not one sided in the slightest as it proved that they could drop a heavy reggae filled sound coupled with soulful lyrics just as well as they could bring the funk. "Travel" would serve as an energy amplifying number and brought out freak show dance moves in the crowd through its entirely danceable solid bass, quirky guitar notes and the Wuest fueled explosion on keys.

Closing the night out while playing under the turned on lights was an appropriately placed "Sleep" which is what many in attendance needed desperately. Complete with  chunky bass, the slow paced lullaby like groove that had folks swaying gave birth to a shredding guitar jam and once again capitulate the "all hands in the air and heads shaking" formula of most of its formers.

Panning the crowd, all to be seen were smiling faces that were birthed by The Pets which said a lot because Phish, for most of the cats at The Pour House, was over…or at least for this tour.