The Greencards : Fascination

greencards-fascination.jpgThe Greencards’ newest album, Fascination, is a contemplative observation of the world around us. They have produced a musical journey that lets us take a peek at the things in our everyday lives that fascinate. This is evident in the title track, where our narrator vocalizes, “In a world of fascination there is more than meets the eye.” It is a stream of random thoughts pieced together as a moving story with a variety of tempos and styles, gypsyesque rhythms, and cleverly crafted lyrics.

From the bluegrass tango of "Outskirts of Blue" to the classic down home feeling of “Little Siam” and the tale of “Davey Jones,” Fascination is sprinkled with elements that set this album apart from the previous three. It is an evolution,  a warm blend of storytelling, and musical experimentation. Carol Young’s voice is inspiring and haunting. Paired with violist Eamon McLoughlin on “Into the Blue,” Young’s vocals paint a luscious and engaging scene of a small dive jazz bar where one is mesmerized by the sounds spilling off the stage.

Immersed in waves of blue and green like the transition of the seasons from summer to fall, Fascination is an album that is beautifully acoustic, lyrical, and brimming with instrumental orchestration.

Fascination is out now on Sugar Hill.