The Foreign Resort : Offshore

foreign_resort_offshore.jpgDanish new wave band The Foreign Resort offers a self-described "The Cure stumbling into Sonic Youth" sound. That fusion rings clear on Offshore, the quartet’s nine-track, debut set.

The Bo Karlsson-produced disc begins with the aptly-titled "Opening Act." Mikkel Jakobson’s warbly vocals complement what appears, by all accounts, to be a cosmic, sonic collision: a constant back-and-forth of keyboards, soaring guitars, and electronica. That Killers-esque, "Mr. Brightside"-meets-the-dance-hall trend continues on the light, yet lovelorn second track, "Lost My Way." 

But Offshore recalls more than glossy dance beats. "Towards the Dusk" begs each listener to drive into dusk with the band, its orchestral sound and disconnected chorus a welcomed guest. The dressed down, electro-drum driven "Morning" gives little warning to the urgency of "Stars and Halo" and sister track, "Into the Sunshine." "Night" and "Relax (It’s Only Love)" bring the short set to a haunting – if somewhat lonely – end.

 Offshore might not break boundaries, but for The Foreign Resort, it’s an earnest beginning.

 Offshore is out now on Three Ring Records.