The Fiery Furnaces : Widow City

Fiery_Furnaces_WidowCity.jpg“And I shall like it to be known as the Cabaret of the Seven Devils,” the Friedberger siblings, better know as The Fiery Furnaces, proclaim on “Cabaret of the Seven Devils,” an end-of-the-album cut off of Widow City. The Fiery Furnaces are quite the cabaret, where brawny riffing and junk-yard jams find comfort carrying seemingly nonsensical rambling.

Like much of the duo’s work, this is a stream-of-consciousness dream world where little makes sense and cohesion is often as more illusive than meaning, where eccentricity and freakishness dance a macabre waltz.

The Fiery Furnaces aren’t at risk of jumping onto the charts of terrestrial radio with this, their fifth release, nor are they likely to beat their way into the hearts of the masses. Yet, Widow City stands as the most cohesive offering brother and sis Friedberger have amassed, a cabaret of risk and enchantment that , like the elusive rabbit of Wonderland, is as likely to spew lyrical drivel than disappear down a rabbit hole.

But the reward comes from the chase, doesn’t it?

Widow City is out now on Thrill Jockey Records.