The Felice Brothers : Yonder is the Clock

felice_yonder_yonder.jpgIf you put your ear to the chest of Americana music, the beating you hear would sound like Yonder is the Clock. And if you opened that chest up, The Felice Brothers, a modern-day version of The Band, would be there bashing away.  

The connections and comparisons to the Felice Brothers’ influences and musical touchstones are easy to make. The band exists in a world populated by the sound of rural America, taking a page from the folk-singers and barn-storming revivals that helped shape American music. On Yonder is the Clock, the three Felice Brothers (James, Ian, and Simone)  channel Dylan with their dusty, road-weary voices.  Despite these obvious connections, The Felice Brothers bring something brand new to the well-worn sound they inhabit, playing with a ragged, loose feel and youthful urgency.

Yonder is the Clock is a journey through the heartland of America on a steam locomotive, starting with the slow, brooding “The Big Surprise,” gaining steam at “Penn Station”, and peaking with the wheezing accordion of “Run Chicken Run”. 

Yonder is the Clock is a trip and journey that needs to be taken. Pack your bag and head out the door; the train whistle is blowing.

Yonder is the Clock is out now on Team Love Records.