The Extraordinaires : Electric and Benevolent

extrodinaires_benevolent.jpgOn their latest release, the Extraordinaires stay loyal to their fan base and deliver another spirited and energetic album, Electric and Benevolent.  Similar to their prior releases, the Philadelphia quartet – Jay Purdy  (guitar, vocals, accordion, and piano), Matt Gibson (bass, guitar, banjo, and vocals), Peter Hurd (drums), and Justin Wolf (guitar and vocals) – again return with compelling storytelling and feisty performances.

“Ellis Island,” “The Egg of Columbus” and “Patent Pending” are the most notable pieces on the album, capturing the strong lead vocals, simple storytelling and solid composition that define The Extraordinaires.  At times, Electric and Benevolent stretches too thin. But, when the album is at its best, which is more often than it is not, it can arouse even the most heavy-hearted.

Electric and Benevolent is out now on Punk Rock Payroll Records.