The Dynamites feat. Charles Walker : Burn It Down It Down, the second release from The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker, fires up the rhythm and blues with a fury from the opening title track, and doesn’t let up until the closer, a rowdy shout out entitled, "The Real Deal."

In between, Walker dominates the fronting vocals with juicy relish as The Dynamites spin from laid back arrangements –  "If I Had Known" and " I Got love (For You)" – to scorching blasts of pop fireworks like "Somebody’s Got It Better (Somebody’s Got It Worse)."

An institution in Nashville, The Dynamites and Walker now seem ready to leave a permanent imprint on the rest of the country with danceable tracks like "Do the Right Thing" and "Treadneck."  A pure funk party exists inside of Burn It Down, and Charles Walker along with The Dynamites are determined to make sure the listening audience shakes a tailfeather to the James Brown burner, "Somebody Stop Me."

The Dynamites are the real deal, and they leave one in anticipation of their next project.  

Burn It Down is out now on Outta Site Records.