The Disco Biscuits, 12/26/11


The Disco Biscuits
Best Buy Theater
New York City, NY
December 26, 2011


For music lovers, the end of a year grants us some exciting opportunities to catch some great live shows. For the last three years The Disco Biscuits have played in New York City on or around their New Years Eve Run. Having set the bar high with past performances like the “Magellan” from 2008 that included a guest appearance by Matisyahu and the 2009 “Countdown Medley” — that featured a medley of portions of 10 songs during the celebratory countdown to midnight — it was hard for fans to go into the run without some expectations.

Unusually warm for a December in New York the Biscuits wasted no time blasting into a crowd pleasing “Plan B>Aceetobee.” Having a bird’s eye view from the upper balcony, it was apparent that the band and audience had no intentions using the first night of the three night run as a “warm up” show.

As the second set got underway with a very enjoyable stand-alone version of “Spraypaint,” the Philly boys were proving that there being a letdown was not going to be part of the script. Having not played many second sets in 2011, some were wondering what would come in the wake of the strict Identity Festival time slots. To that question, guitarist Jon “the Barber” Gutwillig, Marc Brownstein and company answered emphatically with a huge “Shelby Rose> Crickets> The Great Abyss> Crickets> Shelby Rose” palindrome.




I:  Resurrection > Plan B > Aceetobee* > You and I, Mr. Don
II:  Spraypaint, Shelby Rose > Crickets** > The Great Abyss > Crickets*** > Shelby Rose
Encore:  I Remember When
* Inverted (ending/beginning) ** Inverted (middle section) *** Unfinished



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