The Corin Tucker Band : 1,000 Years


When Corin Tucker disbanded Sleater-Kinney in 2006 at the band’s peak to spend more time with her family, she could have easily disappeared into the comforts of domestic life forever. But after 12 years as front woman for the riot grrrl trio, writing and playing music has proven difficult to shake, and Tucker has re-emerged with The Corin Tucker Band and 1,000 Years.

There is little doubt from the album’s 11 tracks that parenthood has impacted Tucker. The splintering vocals and walls of distortion that fortified Sleater-Kinney have dissolved into supple, succinct compositions that rock with ease,  revel in immediacy, and address emotional facets of Tucker’s settled life, including her husband, children, and life in her Oregon home.  “Half a World Away” rides three-dimensional percussion and “Doubt” hums with garage-bred energy;  both closely resemble Tucker’s previous work, but the swelling “It’s Always Summer,” the keyboard-heavy “Handed Love,” and the sweeping “Dragon” boast untapped and interesting directions for the musician.

Make no mistake, there is still fire in Corin Tucker. But this fire is distilled into well-honed songcraft and a tenderness that imbues even the scrappiest of riffs on 1,000 Years. It has been four years since Sleater-Kinney threw in the towel, and there is clearly more music in Corin Tucker, as evidenced in the flashes of brilliance on this solo debut.

Welcome back, Corin. It has been too long.

1,000 Years is out now on Kill Rockstars.