The Corduroy Road : Love is a War

corduroy_road_war.jpgLife can get a little bumpy along The Corduroy Road. The Athens, Georgia four-piece has its roots in Americana music, but the soul of their newest release, Love is a War, reads more like a roadmap to life.

Piloting this group of young and talented artists is the legendary engineer/producer John Keane (Widespread Panic, Indigo Girls, REM). In addition to producing, Keane also contributes pedal steel guitar, dobro, mandolin, guitar and vocals to the recordings. Keane’s guidance allows the band to move in a new direction. Love is a War does not claim to know all of life’s answers; instead it simply embraces the challenge of the open highway. That’s not to say the Corduroy Road leaves us without a few road signs along the way.

 The giant flashing billboard "Four Things" points us down a path to happiness with red meat, whiskey, a girl, and the hope for heaven in the end. As the clouds roll in, "Just One Drop" falls from the sky. The rain that helps our roots and branches grow, eventually washes away our self doubts. With our destination drawing near, the winds pick up and "The Tree Bends." This haunting song looks back to life’s many wrong turns, and the lessons we have learned.

Love is a War is a refreshing soundtrack to life as many of us know it. The good, the bad, and the even worse hangovers are all so thoughtfully covered. The lyrics will leave you speechless, and the beat will leave your foot sore.

Love is a War is out now on Mule Train Records.