The Chapin Sisters : Lake Bottom LP

chapin_sisters_lake_bottom.jpgAs the wheel of time turns forward, many changes occur to suit the spirit of the moment. In the case of The Chapin Sisters’ Lake Bottom LP, the difference inside the poetic folk interpretation is vivid.

During the late ’50s and through the ‘60s, folk music raised the consciousness of the public and crossed into the top of the pop charts. Abigail and Lily Chapin – daughters of three-time Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Tom Chapin – along with stepsister Jessica Craven, have modeled an updated spin on folk’s traditions that incorporates the dark edges of punk and blues on Lake Bottom LP. The results on "Let Me Go" are stunning, and the trio’s high, wailing harmonies pierce through Thom Monahan and Mike Daly’s pristine production concepts.

When one listens to the brash statements delivered in the powerful hymn "Kill Me Now," the universal thread that Nirvana and the American punk movement brought to bear comes to mind. Sprinkled in between the dark lyricism are gravitating turns on "Hey," "Drop Me" and "Wash Away" that examine the soulful vocal treatments of Abigail, Lily and Jessica.

It is to The Chapin Sisters’ credit that Lake Bottom LP turns the folk tables around to create such a galvanizing listening experience.    

Lake Bottom LP is out now on Plain Recordings.