The Black Crowes : Warpaint

black_crowes_warpaint.jpgWarpaint is the first studio album from The Black Crowes in seven years. Back from their self-imposed exile, the brothers Robinson are infused with fresh blood in new lead guitarist Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi All Stars) and new keyboardist Adam MacDougall. The Dickinson and Rich Robinson guitar attack is particularly impressive, especially during the extended codas of "Oh Josephine" and "Movin’ on Down the Line."  

Many will call Warpaint the Crowes’ darkest album to date, and with good reason. This is, after all, the band’s first release since Chris Robinson’s divorce from actress Kate Hudson, leaving the front man singing tales of loss and regret while the band behind him blisters the blues. Dickinson’s slashing slide guitar provides both tension (“Walk Believer Walk” and “Evergreen”) and intricacy (“There’s Gold In Them Hills”), adding a fiery touch of old hill-country blues to the band’s time-tested, old-school boogie style.

When he is not singing the blues, Chris sings of redemption and grace, calling on everyone to "join the jubilee." Even in the darkest of times, Warpaint reminisces on a life saved by the graces found in rock-n-roll. "God’s Got It" shows the faith of a man, and a band, which have put the worst of times behind them, and come shining through the light at the other end. Warpaint may not be their best effort to date, but it certainly is a step in the right direction. 

Warpaint is out now on Silver Arrow Records.