The Black Angels

The Black Angels

Austin , Texas


Austin, Texas’ the Black Angels launch rock and roll into a stratospheric new direction.  Utilizing walls of sonic sound, The Black Angels sound very much like a modern day The Doors (more so than The Doors of the 21st Century).  Alex Maas plays bass and leads the group on its’ psychedelic voyage with his eerie vocals.   Live, you never know who is playing bass or guitar as Maas, Christian Bland, Nate Ryan and Kyle Hunt all interchange instruments, taking on each. 


The constant on stage is Stephanie Bailey behind the kit.  She doesn’t change instruments, or intentions.  Throughout the whole album and during live performances, she rages behind the drum kit, pouring her all into the rhythm.  Bailey’s energy is only outdone by the massive swell of distorted guitars and thundering bass.  The colossal wall of guitar is accented by Jennifer Raines’ freaked out work on the drone machine.


Their recent release Passover may be one of the most shamefully overlooked albums of 2006.  Full of psychedelic rock and roll and artistic studio work, it captures the essence of a powerful band blurring the lines of the 60’s and today.


The Black Angels will be touring Europe this spring, but will surely make big waves this summer stateside during the festival season. 


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