The Band of Heathens : One Foot in the Ether

band_of_heathens_ether.jpgReturning with a new project, One Foot in the Ether, The Band of Heathens stretches the musical form that was successful on their self titled debut.

The core of Ed Jurdi, Gordy Quist and Colin Brooks shines on the detailed, Steve Earle-type roots-charmer "What’s This World." A blues stomper with round robin singing, "You’re Gonna Miss Me" hits the mark, allowing the Heathens to loosely introduce themselves with sustaining, endearing impact. "Let Your Heart Not Be Troubled" follows the pensive, soulful rhythm structures of bassist Seth Whitney and drummer John Chipman. Jurdi, Quist and Brooks bring out the strong compositional hues resonating on the rollicking cover "Look at Miss Ohio." 

One Foot in the Ether is an ever evolving masterwork that gets better with every replay. The Band of Heathens continues to dig deep to discover blues and folk rock gold.   

One Foot in the Ether is out now BOH Records.