Ten Mile Tide

tenmiletide.jpgIf the sound of the open highway, of a road-trip through the mountains with the windows down, with the wind blowing in your face, with the sun-shining on your hood could be made by a band it would sound like Ten Mile Tide, a six-piece act from San Francisco that plays upbeat acoustic-rock with hints of bluegrass and folk.

Ten Mile Tide was formed in 1999 by twin brothers Jason (electric guitar) and Justin (acoustic guitar) Munning along with Steve Kessler (fiddle), a friend they meet while in college at Stanford University.  Kessler had recently discovered bluegrass, after a childhood spent playing the violin in the Phoenix Youth Symphony Orchestra.  The three came together and penned many of the songs that would eventually lay the foundation for Ten Mile Tide.  They soon added Bay Area musician Jeff Clementson (bass) and Detroit, Michigan native John “knuckles” Morales (drums) who had moved to the West Coast to find a more diverse music scene to play in.  He originally settled in Portland, Oregon before making his way down south to San Francisco and hooking up with Ten Mile Tide.  Keyboardist Matt Mitchell joined soon after and their line-up was complete.

In their time together they have released three albums, Flow (2001), Midnight is Early (2003), and Ten Mile Tide (2005).  They also maintain a healthy touring schedule bringing their open-road sound to the open road playing shows from coast to coast with stops at many of the major festivals (High Sierra, Wakarusa, Three Rivers and Green Apple Music Festival).

Ten Mile Tide has always been very vocal in their support of file-sharing programs and been on the cutting edge of getting their music to fans around the world.  Despite their humble roots, and fledging status in the United States as an up and coming band, they have received attention world wide due to their belief in spreading their music for free via the internet.  They have already inspired a tribute band in Brazil that came about because of the widespread easy access to their music.  The band believes that people who are exposed to their music will be willing, “to come to shows and buy merchandise because they love the music and support what we are doing.”

Riverstone, their most recent album was released earlier this fall and stays true to their road-trip sound of the open-highway music with its good time feel. 


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