Telepathe : Dance Mother

telepathe_dancemother.jpgI’d not previously heard of this Brooklyn-based duo when Dance Mother, their latest release, arrived for my review. Produced by TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek, Dance Mother is a dark journey into the world of electro synth-pop driven by sharp percussion laid out to a sometimes experimental structure.

Some of Dance Mother’s tracks rely on a solid four-on-the-floor beat. “So Fine” kicks things off with a dark and somewhat airy sound, backed by a solid driving beat. While I found their vocals somewhat pleasant, I felt the lyrics were lackluster and forced. This ended up being a trend for the album as a whole. Musically, many of the tracks started out nicely, but lacked enough variations in the loops, even subtle ones, which left a stagnant feel as the tracks progressed.

The one stand out track from Dance Mother is “Can’t Stand It,” which incorporates a grandiose, almost angelic sound, but with a darker edge that combined to finally draw me into their world for a moment. While I still felt the track could use another push in subtle variation to bring it all together from beginning to end, the lyrics did provide enough to tip the scales in a better direction. Still, I doubt even this track will make it into further rotation for this reviewer’s listening pleasure.

Dance Mother is out now on IAMSOUND.